Tri-Level Dimming Control

Tri-Level Dimming Control

Model Number ULT-HC419V

This Motion Sensor will achieve tri-level control, for some areas it will require a light change notice
before it will switch-off.  


Fixture mount occupancy sensor


For the most up to date specifications
  please refer to the product specification sheet

* Lumens are estimated

You can set the below items to customize your needs

1- Detection area
2- Hold time
3- Daylight sensor
4- Stand-by period
5- Stand-by dimming level


Voltage: 120-277 V
Switched power (capacitive load): 400W@120 V AC; 1000W@277 V AC
Stand by Power: <1W
Warm Time: 20s
Detection area: 10/50/75/100% can be customized
Hold Time:  5s/30s/1min/5min/10min/20min/30min can be customized 
Standby Period: 0s/10s/1min/5min/10min/30min/1Hr can be customized
Standby dimming level: 10%/20%/30%/50% can be customized
Day ligth Threshold: 2~50Lux daylight/twilight/darkness can be customized 
Sensor Principle: High Frequency (microwave)
Detection Range: Max (øxH): 12m x 6m
Detection Angle: 30°-150°
Mounting Height: Max 6M
Operating Temperature: -35°C to + 70°C
IP Rating: IP20