UltraThin Family


The original UltraThin recessed luminaires, wih state of the art good looks , offers hassle free installation, requires no pot housing, an air and water tight construction, is a far more superior quality and a brand you can rely on.Round and Square /120V optionalV 4” 550lm   9W   3000K  White/ Brushed Nickel / Black ” 700lm   12W 3000K  White/ Brushed Nickel / Black4” 600lm   9W   4000K  White/ Brushed Nickel / Black 4” 800lm   12W 4000K  White/ Brushed Nickel / Black 6” 700lm   12W 3000K  White/ Brushed Nickel / Black 6” 900lm   15W 3000K  White/ Brushed Nickel / Black6” 800lm   12W 4000K  White/ Brushed Nickel / Black 6” 1000lm 15W 4000K  White/ Brushed Nickel / Black  8” 2200lm 33W 3000K  White optional Brushed Nickel / Black  8” 2400lm 33W 4000K  White optional Brushed Nickel / Black Converting conventional to inspirational LED has never been so rewarding. The UltraThin Retrofit is not the standard “one size, one shape, one colour”. In fact UltraThin retrofit, has more variety and colours which allow you to not only upgrade to LED but do it with style. Remodeling and converting is a breeze, literally as easy as screwing in a traditional light bulb. No need to change or remove the original housing . These units are suitable for IC and non-IC housing, have a built-in integrated driver and are dimmable as well as  suitable for wet locations.Perfectly positioned as an affordable recessed solution for wall washing applications and slope ceilings. The UltraThin Gimbal is dimmable, features a 15 degree tilt (forward or back) and is suitable for damp locations. With the installation attributes of a regular UltraThin the Gimbal need no pot housing and provides maximum flexibility in tight spaces.  These units come in white with optional black and brushed nickel available. The Gimbal comes in two sizes 4 inch and 6 inch, 3,000K and 4,000K. Gimbal Retrofit offers every convenience when confronted with any given situation in a home, office, or retail space. Perfect for sloped ceilings, wall washing and accent lighting the Gimbal Retrofit can be installed quickly into any Non-IC housing, whether it’s for new construction or remodeling. Now with the addition of Gimbal Retrofit, you can be confident in your purchase. The UltraThin family of luminaires  will more than fulfil your ability to serve up quality, style and comparability every time.