Spring Promotion

The BlackStar Circular High Bay offers quality LED technology with a wide range of options, qualifying as a sturdy workhorse for most industrial, commercial and retail solutions. Stream Flow II is a perfect solution for less fixture more light. Unique junction box cover (included) makes way for a narrower style fixture. This sealed unit also allows for quick and easy mounting. WHLF Wall Packs give maximum light output but with a reduced glare. Ideal for outdoor  applications where safety and security are a concern. Shatter proof glass reflector and corrosion proof finish. CHB-100LED40K/50K-120M-D CHB-100LED40K/50K-347-D CHB-150LED40K/50K-120M-D CHB-150LED40K/50K-347-D CHB-250LED40K/50K-120M-D CHB-250LED40K/50K-347-D fThere are great savings on some of our popular items during spring 2019. To find out pricing and details call your Energy Efficient Lighting sales representative or call our inside sales team. WHLF-45LED40K/50K-120M    
WHLF-45LED40K/50K-347    WHLF-60LED40K/50K-120M      WHLF-60LED40K/50K-347         WHLF-75LED40K/50K-120M     WHLF-75LED40K/50K-347 CHB-SBC + ULT-HC419S installed (On/Off Sensor, 120/277V)      CHB-SBC + ULT-HC419V installed (Tri-level Dimmer,120/277V)  MS054V installed (Motion Sensor, IP65, 120-277V)        MS347 installed (Motion Sensor, IP65, 120/277/347V)